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Token Supply and Distribution: The Galacticverse Universe will have a total of 150 million Tokens. These tokens will be distributed as follows



Galactic Council

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16% (24 million tokens) The Galactic Council will be allocated 16% of the token supply, amounting to 24 million tokens. These tokens will be held by the Council to support governance, decision-making processes, and the overall management of the Galacticverse ecosystem.


Staking for Public Sale

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25% (37.5 million tokens) A significant portion of the token supply, equivalent to 25%, will be allocated for public sale through a staking mechanism. This allows users to stake their tokens and participate in the growth and development of the Galacticverse ecosystem. The total number of tokens available for staking in the Public Sale will be 37.5 million.


Ecosystem Fund

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12% (18 million tokens) The Ecosystem Fund will receive 12% of the tokens, which amounts to 18 million tokens. These tokens will be used to fuel the development, expansion, and sustainability of the Galacticverse ecosystem. The Ecosystem Fund will support initiatives, partnerships, and projects that enhance the overall ecosystem experience.



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25% (37.5 million tokens) A significant portion of the token supply, equivalent to 25%, will be dedicated to the Play-to-Earn mechanism. Users will have the opportunity to earn tokens by actively participating in various in-game activities, achievements, and challenges within the Galacticverse universe. This engagement will allow players to generate income and derive value from their gameplay.


Private Sale

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5% (7.5 million tokens) Additionally, 5% of the tokens, equivalent to 7.5 million tokens, will be reserved for a private sale. This private sale provides an opportunity for early contributors, strategic partners, and investors to acquire tokens and be part of the Galacticverse ecosystem.



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2% (3 million tokens) To foster a strong connection between the virtual and real-world economies, 2% of the tokens, which is 3 million tokens, will be allocated to the Discord platform. Discord users will be able to convert the coins they earn within the Discord server into real tokens. This integration ensures the active participation and inclusion of the Discord community in the broader Galacticverse economy.